Jubilee of large ‘diamond’

New National Library building celebrates its fifth birthday

Belarus’ largest ‘diamond’ has celebrated its fifth jubilee, boasting significant results: about 5m people have visited the site since its opening, in addition to over 7m virtual visits. Over 100 readers subscribe to the National Library daily, with about 10,000 books loaned every day. At present, the total number of readers stands at 170,000.

On the jubilee day, visitors to the National Library were granted free Internet use. In addition, they could copy e-information on removable media and leave their children in a supervised creche. Those who subscribed to the library’s services on June 16th were also offered an excursion through the building.

The National Library of Belarus is the biggest educational, information and cultural centre in the country, being a library network node and the largest universal scientific library in the Republic. It is a leading establishment in the field of bibliography and library and book studies.

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