Jubilee as an occasion for business talk

Scientists discussed how to further improve heavy pit&quarry trucks

Pavel Mariev has presented to colleagues this opportunity

For five years to raise the production of quarry machinery for 250–300 % – such a difficult task is set not only for the Belarusian Automobile Works, but also to science, which is should to provide this breakthrough. Moreover, without science is an ambitious goal, in principle, does not make sense, because there is reason to increase production only when high competitiveness of manufactured trucks is achieved and accordingly demand is growing.

Even 10 years ago Pavel Mariev, who was then the general director of «BelAZ», all this was well understood.  He created the Scientific and Technical Center «NAS-BelAZ», designed to lead and coordinate the innovative search. It was during his bid to working with the science has become a determining factor in the technical policy of the company.

On the influence of domestic science to the level of the Belarusian quarry machinery and what tasks face for science today, conversation was at an enlarged meeting of the Academic Council of the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering National Academy of Sciences of Belarus dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Pavel Mariev – Hero of Belarus, Doctor of Technical Sciences, director of the Science and Technology Center «Quarry machinery», which is part of the academic institution.

Yes, the meeting was on the auspicious occasion, with an abundance of flowers and warm words to the hero of the day. But a serious discussion was mainly about industrial and scientific problems associated with the Belarusian dump trucks. Fact for hero of the occasion, who gave to the car factory fifty years, it is life itself. And if in the audience gathered scientists, industrialists and representatives of government – all, who as he, all rooting for their favorite cause, then, from their point of view, it would be right to make full use of a good opportunity to discuss the current problems and take the results of cooperation between science and industry.

Competitiveness of quarry giants is folding like of the small things. For example, scientists of the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has developed a new type of steel for gears and invented a radically new heat treatment for products made of it. But in the use of these new products resources of reduction gear motor-wheels of quarry dump trucks especially big load capacity increased by 7–10 times!

Another new type of steel, proposed by scientists with the direct participation of Pavel Lukyanovich, solved the problem of heavy-duty castings. Cast welded chassis of new BelAZ now not afraid to cyclic loads at low temperatures, and therefore they provide to domestic technique maintenance-free run of chassis to 1 million kilometers.

In the coming years, domestic science accompanying the Belarusian quarry equipment will also focus to increasing the resource of heavy-duty trucks up to 600–700 thousand kilometers, and particularly heavy-duty vehicles – up to 1 million kilometers without their overhauls. It is necessary to develop new diagnostic tools for cars especially big load capacity. Among the most important tasks is also the need to improve foundry, which will reduce the import of billets.

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