Italian Style

Italian BES has held its first ever hair-dressing show and seminar for Mogilev hair stylists
Over 400 visitors from Belarus and Russia came to see and take part in the shows and seminars presented by Italy’s BES and the world famous stylists Saverio Palma and Antonio Lo Presti in Belarus’ Mogilev. The company that makes perfumes, cosmetics and hairdressing accessories was established over 30 years ago and has offices in 53 countries of the world, including Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States.

The top managers of the Italian company paid a visit to Mogilev in January 2006 to negotiate cooperation issues with the local administration and the administration of the free economic zone “Mogilev”. The Italian company may set up a branch producing hairdressing accessories in the region.
The Italians will make up their minds following a series of workshops and showcases of their perfumes and accessories that will soon be held in major district centers of this country.
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