It will be easier to cross the border during championship by joining electronic queue

Visa-free entry for 2014 IIHF World Championship fans, hosted by Minsk, valid from April 25th to May 30th
By Vladimir Maslov

“People coming to Belarus for the Championship will be able to enter visa-free between April 25th to May 30th, needing only their passports and tickets, printed or electronic, to cross the border. No visas will be necessary,” noted Leonid Maltsev, the Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus, speaking at the National Assembly’s House of Representatives.

He explained that 15 major border checkpoints are expected to see the majority share of participants and guests seeking entry for the World-class hockey event. Of course, Minsk National Airport, alongside Minsk-1 and Gomel airports, will be extremely busy, as will the eight highway border crossings: Kamenny Log, Kotlovka, Berestovitsa, Bruzgi, Brest, Domachevo, Novaya Rudnya and Novaya Guta. In addition, there will be four entry points by rail: Gudogai, Brest, Teryukha and Terekhovka.

Mr. Maltsev announced that an electronic queuing system is planned for the Belarusian border, with the State Border Committee having already chosen a border checkpoint to test the system. He added, “Together with an electronic queuing system, there will be special service zones at the border, where automobile transport vehicles will wait their turn. Small hotels may also appear within these zones.”

Visitors will soon be able to register online, via the State Border Committee website, to schedule their time for border crossing. Mr. Maltsev explained, “If you schedule your border crossing time for 11.00 to 12.00 and you miss your slot, you’ll join the general queue.”

The Head of the State Border Committee stressed that no special legislation is required in creating the electronic queuing system.
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