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Belavia passengers now able to independently check-in via mobile phone

IT technologies on service for air passengers

Belavia passengers now able to independently check-in via mobile phone

The Belavia website now offers online check-in, including for those using mobile phones. This reflects modern trends in passenger demand and allows easy check-in within 22 hours of travel (ending 3 hours prior to scheduled take-off). The service covers departure from most airports serviced by Belavia, allowing choice of seat.

A boarding pass is generated, including a barcode read by scanners at the airport: either sent via e-mail or for storage in a customised application — such as Passbook for iPhone.

Passengers travelling with luggage still need to visit the check-in counter before passing through security and those travelling within the CIS will need to show their e-boarding pass at the check-in counter, to gain a paper version for pre-flight inspection.
The Director General of Belavia Airline JSC, Anatoly Gusarov, notes that it’s important to move with the times regarding the latest air-transportation technologies. “In 2012, we introduced online check-in and, last year, we installed self-service kiosks at the airport. This year, we’re offering check-in via mobile phone and we next plan a mobile version of our official site.”
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