IT officers to reinforce border

Belarus enrols first group of alumni that will be specialising in high technology for border protection

Belarus enrols first group of alumni that will be specialising in high technology for border protection

The information networks of the border service are operating day and night 365 days a year, without pause. Due to their smart systems, the efficiency of the Union State border protection has increased significantly. It also brings benefits to ordinary residents and guests, reducing the time for passport checks at border checkpoints to a couple of minutes.

Lessons at the Border Service Institute

“Our information systems are created on the basis of the most advanced equipment and software,” noted Major General Igor Pechen, the Deputy Chairman of the State Border Committee. “They are able to work autonomously and have several levels of protection. Highly skilled personnel are needed to manage such a complicated complex. Before this year, we mainly employed ordinary graduates from Belarusian universities. However, the level of complexity was such that from this year, it was decided to prepare specialists on the site of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. This year, we’ll enrol a group of 25.”

Would-be IT professionals in green service caps will receive a general military education at the military division while their special education will be given to them at the Electronic Computing Machines Department at the Computer Systems and Networks Faculty.

Would-be officers-border guards will be trained in the most advanced equipment and will receive the prestigious title of ‘system engineer’.

Officers from the IT service will be able to serve the most complex information systems of the border department and ensure their uninterrupted operation while also developing new software.

This experience is unique for Belarus. Previously, civil chairs of universities didn’t prepare military specialists. Education for IT students is free of charge in addition to food, clothing and a scholarship of around Br2m. students are being enrolled by the country’s military enlistment officers.

By German Moskalenko
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