It is always nice to read together

The project — Summer with a Good Book — is designed to interest children in reading

By Lyudmila Ivanova

We agree that there is nothing more pleasant for parents and teachers, than to see how, during the holidays, a child enthusiastically reads classical literature. But today, when a book has such powerful competition from the Internet and computer games, it is necessary to fight for young readers.

reading.pngThe project — Summer with a Good Book — is designed to interest children in reading. It started with the action which took place on the International Day of Children’s Protection in the capital’s Gorky Park. Since then, in libraries and bookshops, children’s recreation camps and parks there were so much remarkable book holidays! Including one devoted to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus — a meeting with writers and veterans, the book exhibitions Unconquered Belarus and Messenger between Past and Future commemorating the 90th anniversary of Vasil Bykov. The whole writing, publishing group of visitors came to the Minsk city educational-recreation centre Leader, in order to talk about the best books about war. Veteran Vladimir Golovyuk, who was present at the meeting, admitted that he kindly envies today’s pupils, “They have so many possibilities for studies and the reception of an all-round education!”

In each region, in each district, people thought up something unique. The capital library (named after F. Bogushevich) held a competition of children’s drawing called Rules of Safe and Cultural Behaviour of Children on the Road based on the book Alphabet of Young Passenger. Mogilev bookshops held a competition of children’s drawing At Leisure Time in Summer Day We Pick up a Book! Svetlogorsk residents discuss the books which impressed them at the Summer Club of Reading. During the action I Will Give a Book into Good Hands!, participants of student team movements exchanged their favourite volumes, and the project Family. Read Together with Parents! was entrusted to pioneers. After all, it is more enjoyable to follow the destiny of literary heroes together with the family!

“Before us there is a task to ensure that kind and good books come to each school and in each recreation camp,” noted the Minister of Information, Lilia Ananich at one of presentations.
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