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Issues to raise competitiveness of Eurasian countries discussed in Paris, involving Belarus

Representatives of Belarusian Embassy to France and Economy Ministry take part in session of Management Committee of Eurasia Competitiveness Programme, run by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
By Veniamin Khmelevsky

The OECD Eurasia Competitiveness Programme was launched in 2008, to support Eurasian economies in developing more vibrant and competitive markets, both nationally and regionally. Belarus joined the OECD Eastern Europe and South Caucasus Competitiveness Initiative in 2009, aiming to create a favourable business climate for developing the private sector: attracting investments and enhancing the efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The mission is to develop knowledge-based economies to make the region more competitive and attractive to foreign investments.

Participants considered and approved the action plan of the OECD Programme for 2014-2015. OECD experts have already analysed the economic policies of Kyrgyzstan and Moldova and are to next analyse those of Armenia, Tajikistan and Ukraine, in 2014. OECD representatives will then assess the Belarusian economy in 2015, undertaking a number of working visits to Belarus in 2014 to pinpoint areas of future study. The Economic Ministry is representing Belarus in this work.

These studies should help Belarus determine to what extent its current economic policy follows the practices of other OECD member states. OECD experts and their Belarusian counterparts will look at approaches to adjusting economic policy in respect of SMEs, aiming to enhance the potential of the private sector while taking into account the particular conditions existing in our country.

In taking part in the programme, Belarus has the opportunity for direct contact with OECD experts and counterparts from other countries, allowing it to share experience and study successful approaches in reforming state economic policy concerning private sector development in transitional economies.
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