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Western European fashion retailers interested in joining Belarusian market

Issues to be settled in the near future

Western European fashion retailers interested in joining Belarusian market

The Baltic group of advertising agencies — Hunters — has recently conducted a poll showing that almost 90 percent of Western European fashion retail chains questioned are interested in joining the Belarusian market. The poll further showed that the reasons for their lack of presence in our markets currently are due to our trading centres not complying with European regulations, as well as lack of management skills and non-standard rental agreements. Hunters expert Kestutis Isakas explains, “The economic crisis or the Belarusian Rouble rate do not matter to them. Retail chains such as Deichmann, New Yorker and Takko Fashion came to Lithuania in a period of economic crisis, as this can be a beneficial time for development. Sadly, many trading centres in Belarus do not meet the technical demands of European retail, such as the height of ceilings or distance between columns.” He adds that Europeans traders do not appreciate high rentals.

Mr. Isakas is convinced that Inditex, LPP, Deichmann, New Yorker and other European footwear and clothing shops will soon be able to join the Belarusian market. “These issues will be settled in a year or two and the respondents are keen to expand into the country when possible,” he added.

Hunters Communications Group (established in 1993) is an international group of marketing and communication agencies that works in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and Estonia.

By Yelena Kovrova
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