Issues of peace, security in the region and integration development discussed at the meeting in Sochi

There are plans to hold a ‘Normandy format’ meeting on the situation in Ukraine in Minsk on February 11th

There are plans to hold a ‘Normandy format’ meeting on the situation in Ukraine in Minsk on February 11th, at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s request, following his meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, in Sochi.

The President of Russia informed Alexander Lukashenko that ahead of the meeting he had held talks with his counterparts from Kiev, Berlin and Paris in a so-called ‘Normandy format’. “We’ve agreed to do our best to organise such a meeting in Minsk. It can be Wednesday if we’re able to co-ordinate a number of positions we have been intensively discussing in the recent days,” noted Mr. Putin.

“I’d like you to assist in organising such a meeting in the same way you did before, providing the Minsk platform for expert meetings,” he said addressing the President of Belarus.

“I’m aware of it. Petro Poroshenko has called me several minutes ago,” responded Mr. Lukashenko.

“I assure you that in order to bring peace back to our common home, and those people in Donetsk, Donbass, Ukraine are not strangers to us, we’ll do everything we can here in Belarus to find a way out of the situation they faced,” the Belarusian leader said.

“Do not worry and come. We will organise everything,” underlined the Head of State.

Mr. Putin also thanked Mr. Lukashenko for the efforts to regulate the crisis in Ukraine. He is also eager to discuss issues of integration with Belarus, including in relation to membership of the Union State and the Eurasian Economic Union.
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