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Union State Supreme State Council session to be held in Minsk in Q1 2016

Issues for discussion have been already announced

Union State Supreme State Council session to be held in Minsk in Q1 2016

The Supreme State Council session of the Belarus-Russia Union State will be organised to the end of Q1 2016. Alexander Lukashenko reminded of this agreement with the Russian President during his meeting with the State Secretary of the Union State, Grigory Rapota. The guest confirmed the readiness of his administrative office to organise the event in the agreed timescale.

The proposal by the Belarusian side to conduct the Supreme State Council session in Minsk was accepted. This is a logical step, taking into account that the end of the previous year was marked by a range of integration events in Moscow. It is not long since the leadership of the Russian Federation visited our country.

Mr. Lukashenko believes that it will be necessary to work hard to restore the projects within the Union State. The Belarusian President has considered the agenda for the forthcoming session and expressed his readiness to join in, if necessary.

According to information presented by Mr. Rapota, the Supreme State Council session will cover 12 issues across the whole range of Union State activities. The Council will sum up the results of the Union State’s budget in 2015 and will approve the major financial document for this year. Moreover, the heads of state will discuss the results of trade-economic co-operation between our countries taking into account all factors influencing trade turnover. As is traditional, foreign political interaction over the last two years will be a focus, as will the approval of a similar programme for the next two years. The State Secretary believes that during its preparation, the agenda may experience some corrections.


In his conversation with journalists after the meeting with the President, Mr. Rapota informed us of the plans to set up a joint Belarusian-Russian engineering centre for the machine tool industry. A corresponding decision was adopted at the recent joint session of the industry ministries of the two states. The State Secretary is currently discussing the details with Belarusian and Russian specialists. According to him, the activation of scientific and scientific-research activity, as well as R&D, is a guarantee that the Union State can come out of the world crisis as a stronger integration structure. Moreover, the number of developments that can be introduced into industry will increase.

By Vladimir Khromov

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