Issue price of 90 million dollars

The Energy Efficiency Department of the State Committee for Standardisation is working on an agreement with the World Bank, to allocate funds for the modernisation of two Belarusian thermal power plants
By Tatiana Grigorova

According to the Director of the State Energy Efficiency Department, Sergey Semashko, about $90m is to be spent on modernising TPP-1 in Mogilev and TPP-1 in Gomel, and some other sites.

Mr. Semashko notes that his department has been working closely with the World Bank. “We’re currently implementing two projects — worth $125m and $30m,” he tells us. Mogilev District Boiler House’s modernisation is due to be operational by early summer, extending its capacity. Borisov District Boiler House and Zhodino Workshop are also being modernised, ready for early 2014. “In addition, a cogeneration plant has been launched in Borisov, producing electricity and heat, funded with World Bank loans. Two more cogeneration plants, in Oshmyany and in the village of Ruba in the Vitebsk Region, are to be introduced in the near future,” Mr. Semashko adds.

A joint project with the UNDP to build energy-efficient housing is also on the cards. “The project only began on January 1st, 2013,” notes Mr. Semashko. It involves the construction of three pilot houses, two of which will be in Minsk and one in Grodno.
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