Investors view conditions as attractive

Children’s nappies manufactured at Mogilev FEZ
By Olga Belova

Belarus’ first contemporary manufacturer of nappies is now operating in test mode, with the first batches already produced. It is expected that the enterprise will annually produce 112m nappies, rivalling foreign analogues in quality while being cheaper.
Speaking to the Turkish businessmen implementing the project, Belarus’ Prime Minister, Mikhail Myasnikovich, noted that Belarus is ready to certify the factory ahead of schedule, to speed up the manufacturing process. “In this way, we’ll improve your business conditions, by reducing registration terms. Moreover, we’ve already solved issues relating to off-site utilities, promoting realisation of the project,” emphasised Mr. Myasnikovich. He hopes to see a second nappy manufacturing line soon established.

“Our market for this produce is huge but there is also scope for export; 112m of nappies per year is a solid amount and, if we acquire another line, we could reach 250m,” he added.

The Turkish businessmen are now considering opportunities for the production of other personal care goods — for women and children. “We’ll help you to sell these goods,” stressed the Prime Minister. The Turks have praised the high level of organisation of conditions for doing business in Belarus and assert that they have been attracted by the good business environment and the country’s favourable geographical location.
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