Investors’ interest remains high

Chairman of Brest Regional Executive Committee, Konstantin Sumar, notes 840m Euros of investment projects are to be realised in the Brest Region in the coming five years, speaking at the opening of the 4th Brest Investment Forum

By Olga Kobyakova

So far, 48 investment projects are planned for the region by 2015; this year alone, around 50m Euros of projects are to be implemented. Mr. Sumar is confident that the 4th Brest Investment Forum will result in new projects and arrangements. “Our ties are developing, while interest in Belarus remains strong. We have much to offer: a programme to develop the region, worthwhile projects, and a smooth co-operative strategy with investors,” he noted.

This year, the Brest Investment Forum has expanded its format, with events held in the regional centre and in the town of Kobrin. “It is a new form of interaction with investors. We’d like to show the potential of our districts and the way investment projects are being carried out, while showing our partners how our small towns are developing. We want to demonstrate our economic and social development,” explained Mr. Sumar.

The 4th Brest Investment Forum was part of the annual Brest: Commonwealth International Fair. It featured topical investment projects and proposals for the region relating to industry, agriculture, civil engineering, energy, tourism and trade. The region’s catalogue of investment proposals included 100 projects, in addition to 150 land plots fit for building industrial facilities and a list of enterprises whose shares are up for sale this year.

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