Internet to accelerate at full speed

By 2015, Belarus will boast a contemporary information-communication infrastructure, raising Internet speeds to 100 Mbit/s

By 2011-2015, the state programme will have moved Belarus to multi-service electrical communication networks, while launching 4G mobile communications. The external Internet gate is to be expanded and fixed and wireless broadband services are to be further developed. Moreover, data transfer networks are to be modernised, moving to more contemporary technologies and fibre-optic lines running directly to consumers.

Additionally, in the next five years, Belarus is to shift to television broadcasts in a digital format, accepting a social package of programmes countrywide. The new targets include the creation of databases and websites to transform information on government, healthcare, education, employment and social protection into digital form; informatisation is to embrace all spheres. The major goal for our information-communication technologies is ‘the formation of an information society in the Republic, launching advanced communication technologies and Belarus’ joining in 2015 of those countries boasting the highest development index within the International Telecommunication Union and UN’.

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