Interesting endeavours

Vitebsk’s State Technological University and Copernicus University of Poland become partners

By Sergey Kochetov

Vitebsk’s State Technological University and Nicolaus Copernicus University from Poland are to expand their ties via a co-operative agreement, signed during an international research and practical conference in Vitebsk. The document intensifies joint research and the exchange of information, educational and methodical literature, while promoting academic contacts between students and teachers. The agreement also opens up new opportunities in training researchers, while supporting the joint publication of monographs and manuals. Joint conferences and seminars are also to be organised.

The international Socio-Economic Development of Belarusian Organisations and Regions: Objectives, Priorities and Mechanisms of Structural Transformation conference was hosted by Vitebsk’s State Technological University. It brought together representatives from 35 leading scientific research centres and universities across Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Uzbekistan and Belarus. Scientists discussed strategic issues of scientific-technological and innovative development and the direction of new regulatory models, while analysing the characteristics and impact of the global financial and economic crisis on countries, regions and enterprises. Questions relating to the modernisation of national economies were also raised.

Reports discussed at the forum were dedicated to encouraging innovative development and the support of injections, as well as regional economic policy and inter-regional co-operation. The enhancement of enterprises’ competitiveness under today’s conditions was a major subject of debate.

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