Interest in theatrical school

Annually, around 60 French student actors take part in master classes in Belarus

By Tatiana Doroshchenok

According to Yulia Kebich, co-ordinator of Teatro International Public Association’s programmes, Francophonie Days in Minsk are also visited by students from other French speaking countries, such as Switzerland and Belgium. Master classes are attended by actors of various ages: novices and experienced veterans. Stanislavsky’s system is taught, alongside the theatrical art of Belarus. The French are interested in the Belarusian theatrical school, as it is so different to that available in France. Moreover, they are attracted by our intensive educational programme, which offers great experience within a short time. Alongside acting skills, students study classical dance, acrobatics, singing, theatre make-up and the Russian language.

The Teatro Association was established in 2007 at the initiative of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts and France’s Demain le Printemps Association. At present, it is the only theatrical association in Belarus to organise regular international exchanges, meetings and internships. It liaises with the Republican Belarusian Drama Theatre and National Art Museum, with the French Embassy to Belarus and with the Belarusian State University.

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