Interactive ‘cheat sheet’ required

New mobile application shows where to dispose of recyclable materials and dangerous waste
By Anna Yerokhova

The Centre for Environmental Solutions launched Belarus’ mobile version of the Green Map project a few months ago, being one of the first with an eco-focus. Programmer Sergey Sadovnikov’s application for phones using an Android operating system is able to locate the nearest place for recycling, as well as for disposal of dangerous waste and unwanted items.

“We expect this mobile service to expand the audience of Green Map and attract attention towards the issue of waste and chemical safety,” notes the director of the Centre for Environmental Solutions, Yevgeny Lobanov.

The new application has roused great interest among Internet users. Waste recycling and disposal sites in Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Slonim have already joined Minsk and Grodno, with Brest and Gomel next to take part.

“I’m glad that not only regional centres have joined our initiative. People in small towns are aware of the importance of the waste problem and we invite everyone to join this ‘green’ movement. Place your city on the interactive map,” emphasises Mr. Lobanov.
Download the mobile application free of charge from
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