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Integration in milk sphere to yield fruit

Mogilev’s Babushkina Krynka JSC to transform into first milk holding in coming months, uniting almost all milk processing facilities in region on Dnieper River — as decided by regional authorities, who own most shares in the company

By Mikhail Kiselev

In the past, several smaller dairies joined Babushkina Krynka JSC, yielding a positive effect. The company’s heads have decided to advance further, also uniting milk processing plants in Bykhov, Mstislavl and Osipovichi, in addition to their subsidiaries (located in other districts). Almost two dozen companies are to operate as a united holding as a result.
“This will allow us to pursue a single economic policy for the Mogilev Region’s milk branch,” comments Babushkina Krynka’s Director, Igor Kononchuk. He adds, “We’ll be able to sell our processed products more efficiently abroad, while conducting a more flexible pricing policy for consumers. The enlarged facility will also enjoy greater competitiveness.

Simultaneously, villagers will benefit, as we’ll do our best to raise prices for their produce. Moreover, keeping most shares by a single holder will enable us to use money more efficiently for production development — in particular, to further modernisation.”

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