Instrument of good neighbourliness tailored well for future work

Minsk hosts Belarusian-Polish Economic Forum
The traditional meeting of entrepreneurs from both sides of the River Bug has enjoyed its 16th forum, bringing together twice as many participants as in previous years, which many see as a good sign for the future.

Of course, there is nothing mysterious in its growing popularity; simply, where business interest exists, the rest will follow. In this particular case, the interest was evident, as noted Vyacheslav Reut, the First Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Welcoming guests, he noted, “Our major task is to attract investments, advanced technologies and new ideas.”

Jozef Lochowski, the Chairman of the Polish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, agreed, saying, “We have over $3bn of trade turnover but could double this figure. We should discuss what’s hampering us, so we can improve trade turnover with Belarus and, then, with the whole Eastern region.”

Chatting with guests behind the scenes, many echoed Mr. Lochowski’s views regarding expanding trade with Belarus. For example, Krzysztof Zaręba tells us that he is attracted by our stability and proximity to geographical borders: a great advantage in business. Andrzej Geryk excitedly noted his interest in our agricultural machinery, particularly the ‘Belarus MTZ-82’ tractor, which costs $70,000 in Poland (compared to $150,000 for its American rival). Unsurprisingly, being half the price, it has definitely attracted his attention.

Entrepreneurs from both states have signed a resolution to double our trade turnover.
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