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Innovative Horizon-2020 is to be launched in 2014

EU framework programme on science and innovation to enable Belarus to promote its developments to foreign markets
By Sergey Ivanov

The programme is unique, being open to the whole world — including states outside the EU. As the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, Alexander Shumilin, explains, Belarus is mostly interested in IT, machine building, medicine and energy.

Our country has taken part in various other EU framework programmes: over 55 projects in all.

Horizon-2020 launched in January 2014 and is to run for seven years. Mr. Shumilin emphasises, “This is the largest EU programme so far, aimed at supporting science and innovation, with a budget of around 80bn Euros. Belarus’ participation will give us the opportunity of receiving funds for developments. In addition, our scientists will gain the chance for wider recognition. The programme will certainly aid promotion of our produce, knowledge and intellect to the European market.”

The Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus, Maira Mora, has called upon scientists to actively participate in the Horizon-2020 programme, since it offers great possibilities for scientific projects, internships and innovations. The programme aims to promote scientific dialogue between the EU its eastern neighbours — primarily regarding such social avenues such as energy, climate and medicine. According to Ms. Mora, the programme focuses on major projects involving a significant number of participants — including scientific and innovative projects worth dozens of millions of Euros (at least 1.5m Euros). However, all applications must be submitted by a consortium of partner countries.
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