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President of Belarus demands increasing staff and executive discipline at companies, with relevant tasks set during his working visit to the Malorita District

Initiative and reasonable approach always welcomed

President of Belarus demands increasing staff and executive discipline at companies, with relevant tasks set during his working visit to the Malorita District

Senior combine operator Sergey Kovsher and his assistant Artem Shaplyko
are leaders in harvesting rates in the Minsk Region

The President’s working programme originally included a meeting on socio-economic development in the Brest Region but Mr. Lukashenko introduced sudden corrections, devoting the first half of the day to visiting enterprises. He wanted to settle specific problems regarding jobs, and chat to residents, which he did first at Maloritskaya Raiagropromtekhnika JSC.

After studying the state of affairs in detail, the President instructed that the system of district agro-services be rejuvenated countrywide. “We shouldn’t destroy infrastructure created in the past,” he said. “We must revive it across all districts, while expanding services.”

Mr. Lukashenko stressed that service organisations aim to help not only agricultural companies but the whole district, including farmers and individuals. The cost of district agro-services needs to be competitive, and the list of available services should be expanded.

In the Malorita District, the President also visited Savushkino agricultural enterprise, which is working favourably in its economic approach and in its organisation of the production process. The company generates profit and is growing steadily. “It has nothing which is not found elsewhere in the country — except for cleanness and responsibility. Technological and human discipline are vital,” he stressed. The Head of State focused not only on the operation of this successful company but upon agricultural organisations facing problems, and ways of enhancing production efficiency.

The President was much interested in diverse technological processes. Visiting Savushkino’s agricultural farm, he was presented a cow for his own house. The animal is the result the company’s breeding campaign. Mr. Lukashenko accepted the present with gratitude.

The Head of State notes that his trips to the regions are due to his desire to ‘control performance’, looking at key indicators, as envisaged by the matrix of tasks for the power vertical. He also wishes to monitor the progress of work beyond the harvesting campaign. “We’ve already learned how to harvest. The state has provided everything it can; now, we need to look deeper, at technologies,” Mr. Lukashenko is convinced. “I well understand that we can’t do everything at once. However, we’ve already met targets.”

The President stressed that the style and tactics of his working trips are different now. “I understand that each governor or chair of an executive committee selects what they wish to show me. However, if I only look at what is perfect, other things, behind the scenes, may fail to be further developed,” he said.

During the meeting, much attention was given to the importance of prudent budget spending, the maintenance of high-level staff and executive discipline. According to the President, it is important to apply pressure from the top downwards, from governors to executives and local heads. At the end of the meeting, the President noted that his highlighted issues are common not only to the Malorita District but to the country as a whole.

In Malorita, the President many times stopped to chat with residents, discussing pricing and social support, as well as the development of sport — including for young people. The Presidential helicopter landed near the local sports centre.

Mr. Lukashenko noted that Belarus has created conditions to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to earn a decent salary, if they desire to do so.  “In Belarus, only lazy people fail to earn money. Are we at war? Or is something else happening? You simply need to be more active,” the President said, addressing residents. The state will always support those who really need help. “If you take a step forward, we’ll do the same: I’m speaking of the whole country,” Mr. Lukashenko stressed.

According to the President, Belarusian producers are finding their way out of difficulties brought about by the situation on foreign markets. Mr. Lukashenko sees universal employment as a state priority, saying, “We must search for happiness within our native land, doing everything possible to ensure that future generations can work and live normally. This is my primary goal.”

By Vladimir Khromov
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