Information Exchange

Common information system of Belarusian and Russian customs services to be launched on January 1
The common automated information system is a computer database formed by customs officers of Belarus and Russia. The database was created back in 2003 in order to expedite the exchange of information about the cargoes that cross the Belarusian-Russian border.

The common information system is expected to simplify the registration procedures on the state border by cutting the number of documents, checking operations and facilitating customs payments.

By the way, a high-speed digital channel was created as part of the project to connect Belarus’ State Customs Committee and Russia’s Federal Customs Service and provides immediate exchange of information about customs cargoes. Hardware and software were supplied by both Russian and Belarusian companies selected by tender.

The common automated information exchange system cost the Union State of Belarus and Russia a total of 228.48 million Russian rubles that were allocated from the Union State budget in 2003–2005.
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