Industrial standards expected to gain worthy share of automobile market

New investors may arrive on Belarusian automobile market

Oleg Khusaenov, the Chairman of Atlant-M International Automobile Holding’s Board of Directors, has highly praised the prospects of our country’s automobile market, which could return to its pre-crisis level in coming years. However, he believes that automobiles may rise in price this year in Belarus, leading buyers to return to dealerships for their purchases. Meanwhile, luxury cars will be cheaper to buy from EU states.

Mr. Khusaenov notes that assembly production of passenger car spare parts may appear in the Republic. “A whole industry could be set up in Belarus manufacturing automobile components, since the Russian market desperately needs them; industrial standards in Belarus have always been higher than those in our neighbouring state,” explains Mr. Khusaenov. He believes that local manufacturers or large foreign producers could organise production of automobile spare parts in the country.

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