Indomitable force of Silich

Well-known Belarusian power engineer becomes main hero of the book
By Nikolai Semenov 

The presentation of the artistically-biographic book by Grigory Andreevets, Going to a Thunder-Storm, issued by the Gomel Polespechat Publishing House, was held in the regional library with the participation of true professionals of the branch and outstanding representatives of science. Many of them were personally familiar with the main hero of the book, Piotr Silich, and therefore their recollections on the presentation were really interesting to listeners.

This future energy expert comprehended elements of education in Telusha school of the Bobruisk District. It is known that it was constructed by the granddaughter of the great poet, Alexander Pushkin. She lived in the next manor, Vavulichi, with her husband, Pavel Vorontsov-Veliaminov, the officer of 13th Narvsky Hussar Regiment.

Everyone who knows Silich says that he was the type of person who created a factor of safety for the whole system, managing every small or mundane element during his life. However, when the time comes, these small daily accomplishments are highlighted as a bright flash and become a worthy example for his followers and the young generation. The catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power-station is such an example. The Director General of Gomelenergo enterprise, Piotr Silich, appeared on the front line of that scale work to minimise the consequences of the accident. Twelve times he appeared at Chernobyl station’s mouth, breathing its deadly radionuclides. He spent hundreds of days directly in that ‘30 kilometres zone’, where among empty structures-hosts of evacuated villages, he worked with his subordinates — the power engineers.

The erection of the Mozyr heating plant fell to the time of Silich. Then, in late 70s to 80s of last century, in connection with the construction of the plant, there was an important question about the launch of the Gomel heating plant. These and other important objects, figuratively speaking, have passed through the flesh and blood of Piotr Silich.

The current Director General of Gomelenergo, Alexander Petukh, noted at the book presentation that the collective already cherishes an intention to create the next book about a no less legendary person, the third former director of the enterprise, Oleg Rykhter, who was at the helm of the power branch from 1999 to 2008.
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