Increased speed and comfort

Standard of Minsk-Mogilev motorway soon to rival that from Munich to Bremen

By Yuri Rakebanov

In two years’ time, the Minsk-Mogilev (М-4) and Minsk-Gomel (М-5/E271) motorways should resemble the high-speed autobahns of Germany. The President of Belarus has signed a decree to reconstruct the roads, which are of strategic importance, connecting the country’s centre with its regional cities. The М-5/Е271 links Belarus with the Baltic and Black sea coasts. Naturally, the roads are to be reconstructed to meet European standards, using the most advanced technologies.

Drivers have already seen the М-4 expanded to four lanes, stretching from Minsk to Cherven. “In total, we’ve reconstructed 160km, with another 319km remaining,” explains Alexey Pekun, the Press Secretary for Belavtodor (Ministry for Transport and Communications). “Initially, we planned to complete work by 2014 but the deadline has been brought forward and, no doubt, we’ll succeed. Decree #28 envisages construction simultaneously with design and estimate documentation.

Moreover, the Ministry is being allowed to choose its contractors without the need for holding a tender. On completion, the Minsk-Mogilev and Minsk-Gomel routes will offer four lanes each, significantly raising their capacity and ensuring more comfortable journeys.”

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