In Honor of Patriarch

An exhibition of well-known Belarusian sculptor Andrei Bembel opened in the National Art Museum to honor the patriarch
Even those who are far from art and have never been to museums are sure to have seen the works of this sculptor many times. Bembel is among the creators of the memorial “Brest Fortress the Hero”, “Mount of Glory”, obelisk of Victory in Victory Square, Minsk. The Belarusian pavilion in the largest ever exhibition of economic achievements that took place in Moscow was decorated with a six-meter sculpture of a woman with a wreath in her hands covered in golden smalt, a work by Bembel. The Belarusian woman embodied harvest.

The exhibition in National Art Museum has a miniature bronze model of that famous sculpture. There is also a bust of Yanka Kupala, whom Bembel met many times.

National Art Museum has twenty-five works by Bembel that date back to various periods of his oeuvre. The best-known one is dedicated to pilot Nikolai Gastello, one of the key pieces of Belarusian Soviet sculpture. Many of war heroes that we see in Bembel’s works met the sculptor in Moscow, in the headquarters of guerilla movement.

A special postal envelope has been issued to honor the patriarch of Belarusian statuary art. The envelope features a fragment of the memorial “Brest Fortress the Hero”. The stamp has an image of the great sculptor Andrei Bembel.
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