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In-flight Internet now available for passengers

Belarus’ National Airline, Belavia, will continue its work on reducing tariffs, and is ready to provide passengers with Wi-Fi on planes
By Andrey Fiodorov

“Belavia is searching for internal reserves in order to expand a range of tariffs, and to offer the possibility of having a certain quantity of seats at low prices,” said Belavia’s Director General, Anatoly Gusarov.

He recognised that, even the lowest prices for tickets cannot be compared with low-cost tariffs. “Nevertheless, we are in this approximate level, especially during periods of low demand,” noted the Director General. Mr. Gusarov also declared that the air carrier will continue to develop a hybrid model, which combines classical principles of work and elements of low-cost.

Concerning other additional services, the Deputy Director General of Marketing, Igor Cherginets, noted that the airline has looked into the possibility of providing Wi-Fi and mobile communication during flights. The implementation of these services will be started on new planes, as the modernisation of airline’s flying stock progresses.

Belavia is still considering the possibility of regional flights. Anatoly Gusarov stated that the initial plan is to create three routes: Vitebsk, Grodno and Gomel. “To begin, all routes will go through Minsk. There will be direct service between regional cities at first,” noted the Director General of Belavia.

The company intends to utilise the Czech-built L410 for its internal flights.
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