In-depth research is of vital importance

Belgorkhimprom JSC conducts preliminary assessment of phosphate rock deposits at Los Monos and La Linda sections of Venezuelan Navai field

By Anna Korobova

Belgorkhimprom is implementing its first project in Venezuela, working with the Venezuelan Pequiven Company since April 2007.

In line with its contract, the Belarusian company is providing technical support, analysis and assessment of phosphate reserves in the Los Monos and La Linda sections of Navai field in Venezuela.

Scientific-methodical and technical maintenance is being conducted while Belgorkhimprom plans to elaborate the technical-economic feasibility of developing Venezuelan phosphate rock deposits — for phosphorus compounds and fertilisers. Venezuelan phosphates are of great importance to Belarus, with Gomel’s Chemical Plant, specialising in manufacturing highly-efficient complex fertilisers, hoping to set up a joint venture in Venezuela to produce phosphorus acid or phosphorus fertilisers.

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