Nano-industry and new materials are priority avenues for R&D efforts in Belarus from 2016 to 2020

In accordance with the modern standards

The Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus, Alexander Shumilin, announced the latest priorities at the 9th international sci-tech conference: Modern Methods and Technologies for Creating and Processing Materials. Hosted by the Physical-Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the event brought together around 130 scientists and specialists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Italy and Pakistan.

The conference was opened by Mr. Shumilin, who emphasized the need for clear research and development targets for the next five-year term. He believes that these should focus on cutting-edge spheres, including nano-technologies and new materials, with practical application. Conference participants discussed ongoing programmes, expressing the need to extend some and cut back on others.

Nine priority R&D avenues were approved by the Belarusian President for 2011-2015, to include: power engineering and energy saving; agro-industrial technologies and productions; industrial and construction technologies and productions; medicine, medical tools and technologies, and pharmaceuticals; chemical technologies, nanotechnologies, and bio-technologies; information, communication and aerospace technologies; new materials; rational nature management, resource saving, and protection from emergencies; and, finally, defence and national security.

The State Science and Technology Committee is now busy developing a new list of priority R&D avenues. “The new avenues comply with requirements of the continuity of the innovation cycle from fundamental and applied research through development to commercial products and the practical application of R&D efforts. The new priority R&D avenues will continue the advancement secured in the current five-year term,” stressed the Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee.
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