In Vitebsk region foreigners are offered Slavic hunt for hare instead of English hunt for foxes
Hunt with hounds is a national tradition for Belarusians. This hunt type was known and it enjoyed great popularity by magnates of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and noblemen of the Russian Empire. Nowadays after many years of oblivion the hunt with hounds finds more and more admirers. Its differential characteristic is that a dog competes with a wild beast in speed and dexterity and a man stands as a spectacular of this struggle admiring a pursuit beauty. In contrast to English hunt for foxes when a dozen of horsemen baits a beast by the kennel and after that gives the kill to hounds worry, in the Slavic hunt tradition hunt of one man with one or two hounds is very popular. Their role is to find, track down and guide a beast to the hunter. The Slavs concerns that the most difficult bag with hounds is a blue hare. According to the most experienced hunters opinion, a blue hare excels a fox by its craft and ability to cover up traces.

In Vitebsk region the most popular hound species are Russian, English-Russian and Estonian. In this season nearly two thousands hounds of different groups are admitted to hunt: huskies, earth dogs and gun dogs. People hunt with dogs for furs, cloven-footed mammals.
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