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Improving notary work

Chamber of Notaries gains new body to control the work of the country’s near 900 notaries
Chamber of Notaries gains new body to control the work of the country’s near 900 notaries

A decision was made at the annual meeting of the organisation. The Chair of the Belarusian Chamber of Notaries, Natalia Borisenko, said that the most experienced and qualified specialists had been chosen to head the Commission on Monitoring; their colleagues will take account of their opinions. “They will observe how notaries comply with the law. They will be the eyes of the professional community,” she said.

The Belarusian Chamber of Notaries was established a year ago. On November 27th, 2013, by the decree of the President, they began to run the notaries office on the principles of self-finance and self-government. What has changed over the year? Irina Afanasieva, Head of a small office in the Shklov District of the Mogilev Region, says that the main changes are connected with changing legislation. New notarial acts have appeared, for example, there is now an interesting clause in decisions regarding disputes about child support. If a father doesn’t want to contribute, he can agree with his ex-wife that he will give her real estate or part of it in exchange for money. She notes that in the Shklov District one such agreement has been already made. Other changes include an increase in personal responsibility for the heads of the offices; they are now accountable for the actions of the professionals who work for them. A notary makes decisions himself based on his knowledge of the situation, often aiming avoid a judicial dispute. Their skills in this will be reflected in the number of clients who return to them in the future.
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