Improving educational processes

Programming for mobile devices could be a promising and interesting area for co-operation between Belarusian and Indian IT specialists

By Semen Krikunov

This opinion was expressed by Apoorva Kohli, a member of the Technical Council from the Centre of Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), who recently visited a branch of the Belarusian-Indian IT Training Centre in Vitebsk. He stressed that collaboration with Indian specialists enables Belarusian partners to receive access to the latest IT achievements. Programming of mobile devices using the Android platform is especially promising, as is programming within the Linux operating system. CDAC is able to organise training for Belarusian students in India in these areas.

The regional branch of the Belarusian-Indian IT Training Centre was established at Vitebsk’s State University as part of a project implemented by the High-Tech Park jointly with Indian CDAC. A specially equipped room offers video- and Internet conferencing, allowing the latest IT developments and trends to be shared.

The project is unique, since the established infrastructure enables Belarusian and foreign qualified teachers to take part in training and education, with lectures available in all four regional branches of the Belarusian-Indian IT Training Centre.

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