Improvements in health care sphere extended greately

The work of doctors has been computerised at a new therapeutic building at the Сentral Сity Hospital in Zhodino. The building is equipped with the latest technologies, while all wards offer superior comfort; there are even individual showers. The new building has increased the capacity of the hospital to over 66,000 patients.
By Olga Neverskaya

The Chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Boris Batura, praises the work of BelAZ Production Association in reconstructing the hospital. He asserts, “It’s a significant event and is among the last health care institutions in our region to be modernised — even though there is still a lot of work to do in Zhodino. I’m grateful to the leadership of BelAZ for their help. I think we’ll continue co-operation with the company, bringing the other health care institutions to the required standard in Zhodino. This year and next will see major renovations and re-equipment of medical institutions completed in the Minsk Region.” 

Attending the opening ceremony for the new building, Health Minister Vasily Zharko stressed that the Minsk Region has achieved good results in developing its health care. Investments have improved the quality of medical services, introducing highly effective treatment and diagnostics. The Chairman of Zhodino City Executive Committee, Mikhail Omelyanchuk, notes that, very soon, it’s hoped to open a hemodialysis unit in Zhodino.

Residents of Zhodino and hospital medical staff are more than satisfied, as the Acting Chief Physician, Tatiana Nikiforova, emphasises. She notes, “There are 120 beds in the new building, in three departments: gastroenterology, pulmonology and cardiology. Moving to this building has reduced transportation costs, giving us a full hospital campus. Patients can receive prompt consultations with specialists while staff enjoy decent working conditions: comfortable rest areas and use of a computer network which provides data within seconds. Although we are yet to master all the facilities of the new building fully, we have major plans for further development, supported by the executive branch of the city. Naturally, this is very pleasing.”
In all, the regional investment programme for 2012 covers eight health care institutions.
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