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Important secondary roles

Belarusian success in Sochi brings biathlon and freestyle jumping medals, and some worthy performances from other sportsmen
By Dmitry Baranovsky

Despite Belarus lacking mountains, it is seeing results in alpine skiing events, having sent two Belarusians to the Sochi Olympiad. Sadly, Maria Shkanova fell and was obliged to retire from her event. Meanwhile, Yuri Danilochkin’s performance has allowed him to hold his head high among his peers.

In the men’s biathlon, Yevgeny Abramenko and Vladimir Chepelin have finished far from medals, as has former silver Olympic medallist Sergey Novikov (whose disappointment at Sochi has led him to announce his plan to retire at the end of the season). 
Their desperate attempts to do well have been evident. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the short track, where our Belarusian sportsmen failed even to qualify for final rounds.
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