Results of 100 Ideas for Belarus competition are summed up

Ideas hit the bull’s-eye

The popular youth project is already in its fourth year. During this time it has turned from a one off event into a large-scale competition, the winners of which get support for the realisation of their ideas.

Last year the advisory council received more than one thousand new ideas and one hundred of the best were chosen. The authors of these innovations were invited to the National Exhibition Centre BelExpo. For the first time participants introduced their developments not only to experts, but also to the general public.

All the offerings from the young scientists, inventors and thinkers are worthy of attention. Some of them are deserving of a special mention. For example, the young research assistants Denis Adamchik and Sergey Solomevich have developed preparations for the treatment of cancer by means of local chemotherapy. Dmitry Busel, a post-graduate student at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry has proposed that accidents at junctions and pedestrian crossings will considerably decrease if special anti-slip strips are used. Olga Ostaltseva, from the student research and production centre has developed the technology for a ‘business incubator’ making it possible that the dream of many, to eat rolls and not to get fat, may become a reality. Leonid Gonchar, a schoolboy from Grodno, invites us back to the days of the Great Patriotic War through an amazingly realistic virtual museum.

The Chairman of the Council of the Republic, Mikhail Myasnikovich considers the 100 Ideas for Belarus project is a great success, “It has acquired huge popularity. Young people have great potential and it is necessary to help them to realise it for the benefit of the country. Even in difficult areas of research, the young people seem to be able to come up with solutions. Our economy needs such creative ideas.”

The advisory council has nominated the ‘golden top-ten’ of the projects; the winners will receive a grant from the Belarusian innovative fund.

By Natalia Dovlatova
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