Ideal conditions for beneficial and steady development on both sides

Italian Foedus Foundation of Culture and Development launches in Belarus

Italian Foedus Foundation of Culture and Development launches in Belarus

Franco-Frattini.pngAt the opening ceremony, the President of the Foedus Foundation, Mario Baccini, noted, “We’ve found ideal conditions in Minsk to turn our guiding principles into reality. We’d like to attract the best business powers to invest in Belarus and set up Italian-Belarusian enterprises. Joint efforts by the governments and businessmen from our two countries will help make best use of natural and human resources — with mutual benefit.”

According to Mr. Baccini, Italians are interested in intellectual exchange and in attracting top Belarusian personnel for training in Italy, while providing scholarships to the most promising students.

Joint projects and investment programmes have been signed, prepared in co-operation with the National Investment and Privatisation Agency. These  include: the launch of a joint machine-tool production in Belarus (Belstankoinstrument and MK Industrial Engineering and Kovosvit, the Czech Republic); plans to develop a granite deposit in Belarus (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus and MK Industrial Engineering); and intentions for a joint company to implement eco-recycling of urban waste, including storage solutions (Getlini Latvia and MK Industrial Engineering).

Mr. Baccini emphasises that the foundation was established 10 years ago to support culture, economy and business; it aims to help companies develop, create jobs and raise standards of living, while protecting human rights. Foedus implements and promotes international research, and conducts large-scale analysis, while liaising with governments across developed and developing countries. It also supports the younger generation in fulfilling its potential in every sphere.
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