I Love Belarus song to be accompanied by a dulcimer

Belarus’ Eurovision-2011 song boasts national colour

By Svetlana Yevstigneeva

In addition to other musical instruments, a dulcimer is being used to accompany our performance of I Love Belarus — sung by Anastasia Vinnikova at the Eurovision-2011 Song Contest. The score’s composer, Yevgeny Oleinik, notes that he is surprised that Belarusian entrants have failed to use national ‘colour’ before. He explains that a dulcimer could help our singer earn additional points, touching the hearts of TV viewers in countries which also see it as their national instrument. “Individuality and self-expression are acute themes for many European nations. With this in mind, we’ve written a song about Belarus. I hope people will support us in our desire to promote our country and will vote for our entry,” Mr. Oleinik stresses.

Anastasia will perform during the second semi-final, held in German Dusseldorf on May 12th, competing against Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Moldova, Slovakia, Sweden, Holland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Macedonia, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Romania and Slovenia. Interestingly, some entrants have performed at Eurovision previously: Moldova’s Zdob si Zdub, which came sixth in 2005, and Israel’s Dana International (famous for her Diva hit), who won the contest in 1998.

The first semi-final, held on May 10th, features 19 countries, including Russia’s Alexey Vorobiev singing Get You. His song has been written by his official producer, RedOne, who has worked with Lady GaGa, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and other world stars.

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