Humane talent

He is our contemporary, lives and works in Minsk. He is author to over 50 scientific works and 40 bells letters, several feature film screenplays
Master of laws, academician at International Academy of Information resources and technologies, academician at International Academy of organization and management sciences, academician, president of Academy of security problems, defense and law of the Russian Federation, professor, grand doctor of philosophy and law at UN World university, academician and vice-president of International academy of peace, Lieutenant General...

Nikolai Cherginets. Chairman at standing commission on international affairs and national security of Republic Council under National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

As author of this article, I was most interested in his human qualities, his origin, his family. How can a creative person and a man of letters combine creative work with activities of a state official? Isn′t there a mutual exclusion?

— I have always been open to people who did creative work alongside with their official service. On one hand it is a wide space for creativity and on the other hand you have power to help people. Many people come to me and believe I can help them as an official and a fellow man.

Nokolai Cherginets is the originator of crime novels in Belarus. In his books he reveals crime psychology and discourses upon life of criminals. He knows them as he met criminals face to face while his years in criminal investigation department, where he was promoted from average executive to chief of the office. Combining creative work with official service, he has a unique opportunity to be of help to his fellow workers and for those who come to him as well as to his readers...

Apart from all, he is Chairman at Committee on foreign policy of Parliament Assembly of Belarus and Russia Union State, delegate of Belarus to UN, member of Union of writers.

— Do you believe in God?

— I was baptized when I was 5, — he says. There is much of obscurity for me religion. I would like to understand believers and I envy them. I cross myself when I enter a church, still I can′t say I′m a believer.

I should make pause at this point and think it over. Where does the strength to live come from if you do not believe in God? What does your spirit rest upon? Origin, family?

I ask following question: — How was your world view formed? Who showed the good to you? Your family?

— My father was a construction worker, mother was illiterate. We were 7 kids in the family. When war began, my sister was born... Poverty, starvation... During the occupation mom worked as tailor and earned our living. We used to share one loaf of bred between all of us, measuring equal pieces with a thread.

Germans made a house-check, informed by our neighbor. There was a chest in the house, which, if moved opened access to the basement where partisans used to hide. Mom was alarmed. She sat on the chest and started to nurse my newborn sister who cried loudly. Apparently, she took mom′s agitation. At that moment a sleek Gerry struck her in the head with pistol grip and broke her skull... I still cannot forget that awful sound...

My father had no legs when he returned from the war, however he began to build a house for us. He worked with an axe: tap-tap-tap... I remember this sound too... We were 9 in the family. Sometimes I slept in dog booth... Finally, father finished the house. It was a great joy, still, we were very short of food. I can remember I fought my younger brother. Once we were passing by somebody′s plot with cucumbers in it. Brother took some cukes and began to eat them. I cuffed him and he rat on me to our mother. Mom punished me. Yet I didn′t squeal my brother′s theft. I had already punished him for that. Once I tried to steal, too. Kids were going to rip off some apples and so did I. My cousin climbed on a tree and I shook apples down... And suddenly - alarm! Everybody disbanded and I couldn′t move. Gardener shamed me and I felt enormously guilty.

Nikolai strove for the best everywhere. Played soccer with masters of sports. Suddenly he gave in and signed up as radio equipment adjuster at a plant. He became shock-worker in few months. His equipment needed no further checks as everybody knew it was fail-free. He did everything with pleasure and absorbedly.

In February 1997 Nikolai Cherginets was elected member of the Upper House of National Assembly and designated chairman of committee on international affairs and national security. In December 2000 he was elected to this position again. He has made working and business visits to over 60 countries of the world. He has been to America many times: Washington, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey...

— Americans are closest to our mentality, I think. Maybe that′s because they come from Europe. I look at our and American children with hope and perspective. American people have understanding heart to others′ pain. Though they have lots of their own problems and worries, still they find opportunity to help Belarusian orphans and invite them to improve their health in America.

The interview was almost over when Olga, Nikolai′s daughter, came in. I asked her what she would say about her father.

— We always missed him as he′s busy all the time. Now he pays much more time and effort to his grandchildren than he used to give us.We love him and I would like my children be like him.

Nikolai Ivanovich added:

— Our family was not too ambitious. Everyone helped and worried about each other. The motto was to be human... Family is the most valuable. You get nothing except what your family gives you. My children baptized when they were adults already. Now they read the New Testament, confess and take communion. And I got to know my wife in church. She was a Young Communist and came to church secretly. And I was in duty bound to call in. I saw her there... And we are together up to now. We have children and grandchildren...

It′s not without cause they say that if somebody is gifted he is gifted for everything. So, dear readers, it′s up to you to decide what is most important in life for Lieutenant General Nikolai Cherginets...

Vatslava Verbovskaya
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