Huge dump truck designed in extremely meticulous detail

Modern information technologies enable Belarusian Automobile Works specialists to track and analyse all production, technological and business processes carefully and thoroughly

By Vladimir Velichansky

The Belarusian Automobile Works is known as a trendsetter on the global market of dump truck manufacturers. Not long ago, it announced its latest development: a vehicle able to carry 420 tonnes — placing it well ahead of rivals, to their surprise. This new ‘heavy duty’ development requires components which are unique worldwide, as tyres and engines used on smaller capacity vehicles cannot carry such heavy loads. BelAZ is convinced that it can solve any task and meet any standard. The first batch uses two engines, in addition to coupled wheels. It’s cutting edge technology. BelAZ has clearly been working hard to set the pace in its industry, creating a new generation of wheels and engines. Of course, the project’s economic feasibility must be thoroughly studied, to ensure a short return period on the investment. Thousands of external and internal factors have to be taken into consideration.

A complex information system helps BelAZ integrate all calculations, developments and projects. During the recently held Belarusian Innovation Week, it even hosted a seminar entitled BelAZ: 50 Years of Efficient Company Management with the Help of Information Technologies.

Many Belarusian enterprises are now using IT to manage their production processes, their accounts, staff and other business processes. Naturally, to be used efficiently, software must serve a definite purpose.

BelAZ continues to develop its complex information system, using its dealer portal to promote its latest IT projects, expand the geography of its sales and extend its fleet. Prompt communication with foreign dealers is essential to ensure quality of service, and to allow spare parts to be sent in good time. Databases are being set up to show how vehicles are being used across various regions (guiding the design of new models). Competition in our modern world is so fierce that communication is the key to success.

Prompt service certainly pays off, as we can see from a recent situation in Chile. The day after the warranty period had expired on one dump truck, its engine failed. The local BelAZ representative quickly messaged the plant, which sent out a replacement within a few hours (supplied by a Russian producer to the Belarusian plant’s assembly line). The new engine soon arrived in the remote South American continent and the repair was completed so quickly that, by the time that the head of the mine learnt of the failure, the dump truck was already operational again. The head of the Chilean company was so impressed by BelAZ’s service that he soon signed another contract (without tender) for several more dump trucks — each worth several million Dollars.

Naturally, the heads and specialists of this globally known plant would have been unable to identify a failure so quickly without their well-developed e-information system. This allowed them to promptly make a decision, choose the necessary specifications for the engine, arrange delivery and provide repairmen with the necessary technical documentation, allowing them to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

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