Hot Colors of Java

Once you enter the apartment of the professor of the Minsk-based college of arts Alla Sviridenko you get soaked into her wonderful hobby. Her apartment looks like paradise on earth owing to the batik of her curtains and paintings on the walls
“My first degree was in architecture, Alla says. — Later I took up painting and printmaking. But batik became my real love. I came in touch with this art about 15 years ago and got carried away by painting on silk with hot wax, a most subtle and fragile form of art. These paintings need care, they cannot be washed in hot water, I would recommend dry cleaning or washing them in shampoo. At the same time, batik wears perfectly well, and my mom, a very good singer, always puts on something decorated with batik when she goes on stage”.

The art of batik was born on the island of Java, they say. This art is now very popular in Indonesia, there are guilds of batik masters in the UK, Germany and the US. Three years ago such an organization appeared in Belarus and now unites about 40 people, professional artists, designers, economists, teachers and housewives. Batik is an art of bright and technicolor paintings, curtains, wraps, scarves, pillows and even ceilings.

— It is much more convenient to work now than it was several years ago, Alla says. — There are plenty of solutions in many shops, so there is no need to resort to wizardry and potion-making. The technique may be quite different, like collage, printing or painting on silk. The Belarusian batik school is one of the best in the world. Belarusian masters often exhibit their works abroad.
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