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Around 500 agro-estates to welcome tourists this season

Hosts to heartily welcome tourists while offering something interesting

Belarusian agro-estates are scheduled to have an ‘open door’ day on May 24th, giving visitors a chance to sample what’s on offer via special excursions and presentations of local customs. Foreign tourists are liable to be particularly intrigued.

Agro-estates are currently in fashion

Meanwhile, Belarusian agro-ecotourism is due to receive promotion at the world’s largest international agro-tourism exhibition, in Polish Kielce. Speaking about prospects for agro-ecotourism in 2015, the Chair of the Board of the Country Escape Belarusian Association of Rural and Eco Tourism, Valeria Klitsounova, notes that hosts of Belarusian estates are hoping to attract more young people.

Of course, 2015 is the Year of Youth and a new nomination is expected within the Learn Belarus contest: ‘Best Tourist Product for Youth on an Agro-Estate’.

This year will see agro-estates continue to develop individual attractions and branding, overseen by the International Tourism Chair at the Belarusian State University’s International Relations Department (working with the Country Escape organisation).

By Olga Varopaeva
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