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First socio-cultural TV channel — Belarus 3 — launched
The new TV channel is to broadcast works united under the theme of My Belarus. The country’s best TV documentaries and films, alongside theatrical performances and concerts of classical and modern music, are to be shown. One programme is Secrets of the Soul (about people’s lives) while another is a socio-cultural project entitled Di@blog.

Belarusian language programmes will prevail, accounting for around 70 percent of broadcasting, but Russian language programmes are also planned. The best domestic and foreign films and soap operas, including those based on classical literary works, are also to be screened on Belarus 3. 

The country’s first digital TV channel will be accessible by 96 percent of the population, according to the Ministry for Communications and Informatisation. “This is a new format, as part of the transition from existing analogue TV. Viewers can still watch on analogue sets, but most new TVs are equipped with digital tuners. Over the next two years, we’ll introduce digital television countrywide,” explains the General Director of Belarus 3, Victor Mayuchy.

Belarus 3 is operated by the National State TV and Radio Company, aiming to promote our culture and intellectual values through modern media.
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