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Valentin Vankovich’s possessions are passed to Vankovichi’s House Museum
The old house in Minsk is touched by romance and history and once belonged to a family of Minsk aristocrats — the Vankovichi. It now hosts a branch of the National Arts Museum and has an exhibition of late 19th century art relating to the famous painter, Valentin Vankovich. He died and was buried in France and his works is found all over the world in the best art galleries. Unfortunately, Belarus has very little of his art so the new acquisition is very exciting.

The wife of Belarus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs, Margarita Martynova, has presented the Vankovichi’s House Museum with a number of documents relating to the Parisian period of Vankovichi’s life. These include photo copies of his paintings, his letters and other historical documents discovered by the Belarusian Embassy to France. Mrs Martynova has donated the documents as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ programme to return historical and cultural artefacts to Belarus from abroad.

Director of the museum Natalia Sycheva believes them to be of great value; she would like Belarusians to know more about such personalities and to take pride in their achievements.
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