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Holiday in all its beauty

There were a lot of people in Zhlobin on Friday and Saturday. No wonder! The Republican Festival Dazhynki-2013 was being held here and representatives of the agricultural industry from all corners of Belarus gathered in the city. More than two thousand professional and amateur artistes and creative artisans entertained the many visitors to the fair.
By Yuri Butrimovich

But the main celebrants of Dazhynki-2013 were combine operators from agricultural companies across Belarus. Celebrations in their honour were organised, and they were welcomed by both visitors and participants of the event. More than sixty representatives of Mogilev Region received ‘village worker’ awards at the festival. The place of honour among the businesses of this region was given to OJSC Agro-industrial Complex Voskhod from the Mogilev Region (which was also the best last year). Among the other winners were agricultural production co-operative Gigant from Bobruisk District and CJSC Agro-industrial complex Zarya from the Mogilev Region.

The visitors of the holiday were kept entertained during this republican event. Different competitions and food tastings were held at various venues where artists and musicians also performed. Fashion shows and hairstyle demonstrations were organised at the festival, whilst celebratory activities were held on the streets of the city, with trading organisations erecting more than 400 pavilions and equipping cafes.

The organisers held graffiti events and a motor-show and, for the first time in the history of Dazhynki, a Toy Festival was held. Different amusements, children’s cafes and pavilions with souvenirs, books, confectionery products and children’s clothes were held in the city centre. This event became a hallmark of the district. After all, it is known that the city carries the informal title ‘The capital of Belarusian soft toys’.

The festival also included the final of the Republican family agricultural project Lord of Village, which took place in Zhlobin. The finalists were awarded honourable diplomas, monetary gifts, laptops, microwave ovens and other prizes.
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