HIV/AIDS Info Center for Youth

Minsk acquires HIV/AIDS hotline for youth
The hotline is unique, as those young men and women calling the hotline will be speaking to their equals in age that have been specially trained to consult on HIV/AIDS matters. Some of more difficult cases will be redirected to specialists of the HIV/AIDS center of the national hygiene, epidemiology and public health center. The coordinator of the hotline, Vitaly Nikonovich, speaks about the prospects of the project: “We hope the hotline will be popular among the young ones, because HIV and AIDS normally affect our personal lives, the most intimate aspects, and people of the same age will find a common language much easier, we believe. Understanding, help and advice will all be here.”

According to a recent poll on the awareness of young people aged 15–24 about HIV and AIDS, only 35% may be called fully aware of the situation that may entail contagion.
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