History through the camera lens

Exhibition by well-known photographer Yuri Ivanov opens at Vitebsk Art Museum
By Yuri Chernyakevich

Between White and Black. Photographic Retrospective of the History of Belarus of the Late 20 — Early 21st Century exhibition gives Vitebsk residents the chance to view the history and culture of Belarus through the camera lens, thanks to 230 photos, in 14 thematic sections. The photos show important historical events, vivid phenomena and well-known representatives of history and culture of Belarus from the 1960s onwards.

Mr. Ivanov is a man of marked individuality, as seen by his huge body of work. He reveals that he once worked for the ‘News’ (Moscow) press agency, as the staff correspondent for Belarus for some time. He has also been a photojournalist for BelTA, and for ‘Belarus’ publishing house, as well as for the News, RIA Vesti and RIA Novosti press agencies. He was even Bureau Chief of RIA Novosti in Belarus. As a member of official delegations, he attended many important historical events, including being among the select few recording the signing of the well-known Białowieża Agreements in Viskuli at the end of 1991.

One of the key moments of his career was taking part in One Day in the Life of the USSR (Collins Publishing, USA): a competition organised by TIME-LIFE Publishing House in 1990. His Letuchka was named among the top photos in the world for 1980-1990. Yury has also won an award at the prestigious World Press Photo contest, organised by The Hague, and prizes at various other national and international competitions — including from the Journalist Union of Belarus. He holds an Honorary Diploma of the Supreme Soviet BSSR and, in 1987, was named among the top 100 photographers worldwide.

Today, Mr. Ivanov heads the department of photography at Culture newspaper and believes he has plenty of vigour remaining! He feels just as dynamic as when he first began his career. Last year, residents of the Minsk, Grodno and Gomel regions saw his exhibition Between White and Black. Photo Retrospective of the History of Belarus of the Late 20 — Early 21st Century. As Yuri notes, Vitebsk residents are sure to see more of his exhibitions in future.
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