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History’s rarities unveiled

Five unique 17th-early 20th century candlesticks donated to Ruzhany Palace Estate of Sapegi Museum by Ruzhany’s Holy Trinity Catholic Church

By Veronika Serafimova

The two candlesticks from the late 17th century (made from lead-tin, brass-copper, lead-zinc and bronze-silver) found their way to the church around two centuries ago and have been kept hidden until recently. Museum Director Ruslan Kniga eagerly explains that the candlesticks originally came from the Ruzhany Palace of Sapegi.

In fact, the museum has recently gained around 1,000 16th century coins (some found during archaeological digs around the western wing and the remainder donated by local residents).

Ruzhany library has been hosting events dedicated to the 455th anniversary of the birth of Lev Sapega, a Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Holy Trinity Catholic Church, where the candlesticks have been kept, was founded in 1617 by Sapega. “This year, we’re celebrating the 460th anniversary of the first mention of Ruzhany in written chronicles and the 375th anniversary of Ruzhany’s receiving the Magdeburg Right,” adds Mr. Kniga.

Increasing numbers of tourists are keen to learn the history of this settlement, which was once owned by the Sapegi. The palace-residence is being restored and a museum has opened. The real tourist season is yet to begin but around 1,500 guests from Belarus, Russia and the Baltic States have already visited the museum since the beginning of the year.

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