Historical site restored

Bragin park, where Dmitry the First is said to have declared his love for Marina Mniszek, is currently being restored
The park is found in the village of Telman, located in Bragin district, Gomel region and was laid out several centuries ago near the castle of Duke Vishnevecki. One of Russia’s most mysterious stories is bound to this castle; in 1604, a man was given shelter in the home of Adam Vishnevecki shortly before he proclaimed himself to be the son of Ivan the fourth (the Terrible).

He became known as ‘the pretender’ Dmitry I. 15 meters of the castle brickwork — including the rampart — still survive and several huge oaks have been preserved in the village. Nevertheless, the ‘stone of love’ is the most remarkable place in the park, where, as the legend says, the future Dmitry I declared his love for the daughter of the Polish aristocrat — Marina Mniszek. She later became his wife and a prominent historical personage in
her own right.
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