Higher and higher

Belarus ahead of all CIS states in Human Development Index

By Yevgeny Kononov


Over the last year, the country has jumped seven places in the UN’s annual report, moving from 68th to 61st place. It now confidently nestles among those states boasting a high human development index, above Russia (65th), Kazakhstan (66th) and Ukraine (69th).


“The human development index shows how economic growth influences the standard of living and the prosperity of the population,” explains Alexander Zaborovsky, Candidate of Economic Sciences. The rating covers three major components, enabling citizens to realise a full and satisfying life: rates of economic growth, levels of education and average life expectancy. Belarus demonstrates good dynamics in each and is one of the few states whose economy did not collapse during the global crisis. In fact, our economy is expected to grow 6-7 percent this year. Our country is also a leader in terms of economic reform and is among the top thirty countries for its high sci-tech potential.

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